RACE AGE: Your age on the last day of the calendar year is your "race age" for the entire race season, even if you will not turn that age until after the final race of the season. When racing in an age category select the age group that matches how old you will be on 12/31/2021.
PROFICIENCY LEVEL: Determine your race category using these guidelines based on (1) your “race” age and (2) your proficiency level:
1) Your "race age" is determined by your age on December 31 of the current race year. For example, for the 2020 race season, if a racer’s birthday is on October 10 and they are 18 in April at the start of the season, their race age will be 19 for the entire season, determined by their age of 19 on Dec. 31, 2021.
2) To determine your race proficiency level (i.e. Pro, Expert, Sport, etc.) use the category descriptions below as a guide along with your best judgement:
PRO riders are the elite athletes of our sport, extremely competent at jumping, drops, cornering and technical trail features. A pro rider can ride any trail in any condition at race speed without hesitation.

EXPERT riders are comfortable with most obstacles they encounter on a trail including steep/ loose terrain and technical rock gardens but may occasionally take an alternate line.
SPORT riders are experienced mountain bikers but may be happier traveling down a trail at slower speeds. They may be newer to racing, and eager to compete against other racers at similar skill level. Sport racers can ride many trails but will not hesitate to take an alternate line around more technical sections/features above their skill.
LITE riders compete on a 2-3 stage condensed course geared toward youth, beginners or racers unable to commit to a full course/day of racing.  Riders should be able to complete a comparable ride of approx. 10 miles in length and up to 2000’ of elevation gain. Lite riders are often still working on the fundamentals and do not hesitate to walk technical sections that they feel are above their ability. 

If racing in both an E-Bike category and a non E-Bike category this season, choose your categories in the drop down menus above;
Then check the boxes below for the specific event(s) where you'll be racing in the E-Bike category:

Select your CDC Race(s)

  • Tiger Mt Enduro

    Tiger Mt Enduro [Sold Out]

    July 24, 2021 // Issaquah, WA
    $95 Full Enduro // $70 Enduro Lite

  • North Mt Enduro

    North Mt Enduro [Sold Out]

    August 21, 2021 // Darrington, WA
    $95 Full Enduro // $70 Enduro Lite

  • Yacolt Burn Enduro

    Yacolt Burn Enduro [Sold Out]

    September 18, 2021 // Yacolt, WA
    $95 Full Enduro // $70 Enduro Lite

  • North Slope Enduro

    North Slope Enduro [Sold Out]

    October 2, 2021 // Olympia, WA
    $95 Full Enduro // $70 Enduro Lite

  • Post Canyon Enduro

    Post Canyon Enduro

    October 16, 2021 // Hood River, OR
    $95 Full Enduro // $70 Enduro Lite


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United States

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