OPEN Categories are for teams seeking the highest level of racing competition irregardless of age, which is just a number...  Costumes optional, they may slow you down, unless you're savvy like an astrophysicist and capable of applying aerodynamic principles to defy all the laws of nature to propel yourself to the finish line against time, space, matter and motion.

AGE-BASED Categories WIND, FIRE, EARTH, WATER will race on single black to green level trails. Your team's color category is based on your team's cumulative age determined by adding together the ages of each team member. Use the age each team member will be on 12/31/2022, add them together, and find your team's color bracket. The costume contest may be the most competitive part of your team's race...

ETHER YOUTH Categories Any team with all youth racers 18 & under race in the ETHER category, named for the "mysterious substance that permeates the celestial sphere and is purer than any of the four terrestrial elements wind, fire earth and water."

MORE! CATEGORIES are for co-ed teams (combination of the two binary options) as well as for racers who indentify outside of the two binary options to be expansive and inclusive of all people who are non-binary, gender fluid, trans, etc.

PURPLE ETHER Youth Teams = All Youth Racers, age 18 & under
Green WIND Teams = Cumulative Age 0-90
Orange FIRE Teams = Cumulative Age 91-120
Brown EARTH Teams = Cumulative Age 121-150
Blue WATER Teams = Cumulative Age 151+




2022 CDC + Transition Bike Raffle x2 for Trails
Two Transition Bikes to WIN in 2022!! A Transition Sentinel or Ripcord (24" youth bike)
1 ticket for $5   |   3 tickets for $10   |   8 tickets for $20

Suggested Amounts
Suggested Amounts

Once you’ve paid for your entry, you’ve invested in this event and our commitment to providing you with an exceptional race experience. Entry fees are spent months in advance leading up to the event, therefore NO REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE for any reason to include but not limited to injury, illness, family/work emergencies, or any other unforeseen circumstances. If you're unable to make an event, a race transfer may be an option, see below.

If you're unable to make an event,  and a waitlist is in effect for the event, you will be allowed to transfer your spot to another team on the waitlist for a $25 transfer fee, up to one week before the event. Transfers are only valid for the specific event registered for, not across different events in the series, season, or future seasons. A transfer request link will be available on the Race Cascadia website. The transfer request must be submitted by 11:59 pm PST Friday night one week before the race. The $25 transfer fee will be deducted from the refund once the transfer is complete, with the remaining funds returned to the credit card within 3-5 business days.


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